1. Please read the instructions carefully and ensure yourself your eligibility before applying for registration.

2. Separate application forms are prescribed for registration for different categories of posts. Please get the appropriate application form on payment of Rupees Fifty (Rs.50/-) only by cash directly from the office of the C.S.I.K.K.D.E.B.

3. The applicant should be personally present at the time of registration.

4. At the time of registration, the candidate should have passed the qualifying degree / diploma / certificate examination as required for the job concerned as per the norms of the C.S.I.K.K.D.E.B. All the certificates and documents relied on by the candidates for getting credits should be submitted at the time of registration. Only certificates for higher qualifications / tests in the relevant fields for updation purposes alone can be added subsequent to registration, if the prescribed norms for the particular post provide credits for such qualifications / tests.

5. The consolidated mark sheets or grade sheets, degrees, diploma and all other certificates and the documents relied on by the applicant should be produced at the time of registration in original and after scrutinizing originals will be returned to the candidate.

6. Registration can be done with Provisional Certificate / Ph.D. notification but original degree certificate should be submitted as and when they receive the same from the University concerned after the next convocation. Duly attested photocopies of all relevant documents shall be handed over to the DEB for their record. Certificates required as per the various columns mentioned in the application form concerned alone to be submitted.

7. An applicant can register for more than one category of teaching jobs by separate applications but not eligible to register for more than one subject under the same category. If a candidate fails to attend the interview his name shall be removed from the rank list of that category alone. If a candidate’s name was deleted from the rank list either due to non-appearance for the interview or declining to accept the offer of appointment or failure to join duty, if he / she wishes to register again under the said category he / she can register after a lapse of one year period from the date of such deletion after complying with all the procedures for a registration. If a candidate attended the interview but not selected his name will be retained in the rank list.

8. If a candidate is called for interview in one of the categories and selected for appointment in the state aided post, his / her name will be deleted from the other categories also. In case of non-aided posts, if a candidate is selected for appointment his / her name will not be deleted in the other categories. If a candidate is selected for appointment for an aided post he / she cannot register again in the C.S.I.K.K.D.E.B. for other categories. If a candidate is selected for appointment in an unaided post, if he / she wishes to register for jobs under other categories, he / she can register for such other categories.

9. Presentation of any false documents or submission of any wrong information or suppression of any material information will lead to cancellation of the registration and permanent forefeiture of right for registration.

10. The filled in application and acknowledgement (in duplicate) along with the attested xerox copies of the documents shall be submitted to the Convener, The C.S.I. K.K. Diocesan Employment Bureau and one acknowledgement form will be returned to the candidate after verification.

11. The registration with the Diocesan Employment Bureau is subject to the rules, regulations and conditions laid down by the Diocese, Executive Committee and the Diocesan Employment Bureau from time to time and the candidates are bound by the said rules and the decisions of the Diocesan Employment Bureau there on.

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